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Bjarne Tellmann • Pearson

Building a great Legal Team - the Constants

In the final part of his series on the key ingredients for a great Legal...

Caroline Brown and Alexis Roberts • Aviva/Pinsent Masons

Behind the scenes with Aviva and Pinsent Masons!

Aviva challenged Crafty Counsel to deliver legal training in a new and innovative way, working...

Bjarne Tellmann • Pearson

Building a great Legal Team - the Software

In the second of Bjarne’s series on the key ingredients for a great Legal Team,...

Bjarne Tellmann • Pearson

Building a great Legal Team - the Hardware

In this first installment of his series on the key ingredients for building a great...

Bjarne Tellmann • Pearson

Why do you need a great Legal Team?

Why is your team so important? Think of an orchestra. No matter the quality of...

Christie Guimond and Nicky Leijtens • She Breaks the Law

Legal Innovation: What, Why, How

There’s a lot of chatter around “innovation” in the legal industry. But, what does it...

Toni Marshall • Organisation Effectiveness Cambridge

Managing Diverse Teams - Three Top Tips

Trust. A shared vision. And a willingness to embrace conflict. Toni Marshall, Senior Business Psychology...

Chris Benn and Katie Barker • Aspire

Training contract in-house? Let's bust those myths

Fancy training in a company alongside professionals of all backgrounds, rather than a law firm?...

Rebecca O’Kelly-Gillard • Bird & Bird

Three ways junior In House and external counsel can rock together

You may not get wined and dined. You may be doing the bundling, pagination, doc...

Ria Sanz • AngloGold Ashanti

Succession planning: what I'm doing to mentor our next General Counsel

Building respect and trust with business partners. Promoting diversity. Fostering an envrionment where lawyers can...

Sophie Gould • LexisNexis

What should law firms do on Tech? In House teams spill the beans

What do in-house want law firms to do on Tech? This summer, LexisNexis surveyed over...

Hazel McLaughlin • Organisation Effectiveness Cambridge

Two Tips to manage Unconscious Bias and Gender Diversity

Hazel McLaughlin - a Partner at Organisation Effectiveness Cambridge - shares two things you can...