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Karima NorenPrivacy Compliance Hub

Chess Clock Challenge: GDPR since 25 May 2018

If Crafty Counsel made GDPR updates… Oh, we do. Karima Noren and Nigel Jones of...

Sophie GouldLexisNexis

What should law firms do on Tech? In House teams spill the beans

What do in-house want law firms to do on Tech? This summer, LexisNexis surveyed over...

Simon MaynardThree Crowns

Everything you wanted to know about international arbitration (but were afraid to ask)

What is international arbitration? Start here. Simon Maynard of Three Crowns has the nuts and...

Simon MaynardThree Crowns

Arbitration clauses: the good, and the (very bad and) ugly

What’s cooler than a dancing fox? Simon Maynard of Three Crowns, with his distillation of...

Alexander LowDigital Leadership Associates

How to stalk external counsel on LinkedIn like a pro

Not using LinkedIn to stalk your external counsel - be it current or for your...

Sophie GouldLexisNexis

The Social Mobility Business Partnership - how you can help

The Social Mobility Business Partnership brings together over 100 law firms, in-house teams, professional bodies,...

Rebecca O’Kelly-GillardBird & Bird

Three ways junior In House and external counsel can rock together

You may not get wined and dined. You may be doing the bundling, pagination, doc...

Christie GuimondBird & Bird

Five Top Tips to Make Change Stick

Don’t let your change project fail for lack of buy-in. Take 90 seconds to hear...

Stephen DenyerThe Law Society of England & Wales

In House Lawyers: A Growing Force

Today, 25% of all solicitors practising in England & Wales work in-house. Stephen Denyer, Director...

Narinder JhittayMaitland Chambers

Litigation Privilege - A Must Watch Update

For once, good news - more of the documents you and your company prepare may...

Narinder JhittayMaitland Chambers

Legal Advice Privilege update - What you need to know about SFO vs. ENRC

In her second of two 90 second updates on Privilege, Nardiner Jhittay of Maitland Chambers...

Helena BoschiFreelance

Brain Facts for Lawyers

Why is your brain not designed for the modern world? Why can’t we multi-task? Why...