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Luke Scanlon • Pinsent Masons

Open Source Code and M&A - the issues you've got to spot

Luke Scanlon, Head of FinTech Propositions at Pinsent Masons, talks through the red flags you...

Caroline Brown and James Lilley • Aviva/Pinsent Masons

Think Wayleave. Think Wait. A Public Service Announcement by Crafty Counsel, Aviva and Pinsent Masons.

A Public Service Announcement brought to you by Crafty Counsel, Aviva and Pinsent Masons. Think...

Jon Fisher and Victoria Garvin • Aviva/Pinsent Masons

The new UK Senior Managers Certification Regime - what all staff of a regulated business need to know

Happy SMCR day! The Senior Managers and Certification Regime, which previously applied to banks, was...

Jonathan Cavill • Pinsent Masons

Legal Privilege - A Practical Guide for In-House

Jonathan Cavill of Pinsent Masons runs through his top tips for maintaining “legal advice” privilege...

Lee Callaghan and Alan Davis • Aviva/Pinsent Masons

Exclusivity Arrangements - a Crafty Counsel Competition Law Newsblast

In an office not far from you, two “clients” are idling discussing Competition Law (as...

Caroline Brown and Alexis Roberts • Aviva/Pinsent Masons

Behind the scenes with Aviva and Pinsent Masons!

Aviva challenged Crafty Counsel to deliver legal training in a new and innovative way, working...

Toni Marshall • Organisation Effectiveness Cambridge

Managing Diverse Teams - Three Top Tips

Trust. A shared vision. And a willingness to embrace conflict. Toni Marshall, Senior Business Psychology...

Luke Scanlon • Pinsent Masons

Open Source Software - the Legal Red Flags

The latest in our series with Aviva and Pinsent Masons! Here’s Luke Scanlon, Head of...

Chris Benn and Katie Barker • Aspire

Training contract in-house? Let's bust those myths

Fancy training in a company alongside professionals of all backgrounds, rather than a law firm?...

Karima Noren and Nigel Jones • Privacy Compliance Hub

Chess Clock Challenge: GDPR since 25 May 2018

If Crafty Counsel made GDPR updates… Oh, we do. Karima Noren and Nigel Jones of...

Rebecca O’Kelly-Gillard • Bird & Bird

Three ways junior In House and external counsel can rock together

You may not get wined and dined. You may be doing the bundling, pagination, doc...

Ria Sanz • AngloGold Ashanti

Succession planning: what I'm doing to mentor our next General Counsel

Building respect and trust with business partners. Promoting diversity. Fostering an envrionment where lawyers can...