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Mark JohnsonThe Risk Management Group

Let's Talk About - Encryption

Why all the fuss about encryption? What does it mean, and how does it work?...

Dan ConnorsApplied Influence Group

What Your Hands Give Away

What are your hands communicating that your words are not? Dan joined the Applied Influence...

Mark JohnsonThe Risk Management Group

Let's Talk About - The Darknet

Where does stolen data go? What happens to it? Who has access to it? And…...

Emma WoollcottMishcon de Reya

Protecting Reputation in 2018

Decisive and intelligent action can be necessary to protect your reputation when faced with fast-paced...

Kyle HughesApplied Influence Group

Improving Credibility

Trustworthiness, expertise and dynamism: three areas essential to communicating your credibility, and assessing the...

Fiona DewarMaitland Chambers

When Might Document Privilege Issues Arise?

In the second of an in depth series on Legal Privilege, Fiona Dewar runs through...

Mark JohnsonThe Risk Management Group

Let's Talk About - Spyware

What is Spyware? What are the risks associated with it? How do you avoid it...

Ben WhiteCrafty Counsel

Behind the Scenes at #CraftyGeek!

Our first live event - in partnership with Legal Geek - was awesome. Here’s a...

Kyle HughesApplied Influence Group

Owning Failure

Kyle Hughes talks through the importance of objectively reviewing the lows as well as the...

Keith Ruddock

Keith Ruddock - How to Be an Effective In House Counsel

Keith Ruddock spent 24 years working in senior positions In House, most recently as General...

Dan ConnorsApplied Influence Group

Practising Influence

People often think about influence as a fairly nebulous concept, a sort of thing that...

Mary BonsorF-Lex

Flexible Resourcing and its Benefits

Work demands on the Legal team have a funny way of being unpredictable - thankfully,...