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The Crafty Interview with Carolyn Herzog and Roelien van Neck on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Posted 2 months ago

Carolyn Herzog and Roelien van Neck • ACC Europe


“It’s incredibly important to talk about the ethics behind the technology… With these kind of disruptive technologies, there’s a lot that we don’t know around what the technology can do, and so naturally there’s no way for regulation to keep up with where the technology can go.”

Crafty Counsel interviewed Carolyn Herzog, EVP and General Counsel at ARM, and Roelien van Neck, Partner at Bird & Bird, on the importance of including ethics in the AI conversation. They discussed why people are afraid of trusting AI and what organisations need to do to plan for the future and address the potential displacement of jobs due to AI.

“There is an opportunity for AI to be used for incredible good… That’s the mindset we want to take.”

This video was filmed in collaboration with ACC Europe, at their Annual Conference in Edinburgh in May 2019.

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