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The Crafty Interview with Joanna Nayler on In-house Counsel as a Change Agent in Disruptive Times

Posted a month ago

Joanna Nayler • ACC Europe


“In terms of how I’ve gone about persuading others of the value of the contribution that I can make, the key thing here has been for other people to understand what truly motivates me to do what I do in the way that I do it”.

Joanna Nayler, Group General Counsel at Just, talked to us about how in-house counsel can be seen not only as lawyers, but as ‘change makers’ too. She gives some insight into her personal journey, and how she gained the trust of the business and was able to persuade her colleagues and seniors of the value of her contribution.

This video was filmed in collaboration with ACC Europe, at their Annual Conference in Edinburgh in May 2019.

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