Crafty Counsel exists to help you Stay Sharp. Watch our welcome video, check out some of our 90 second bite sized videos from the best of the profession, and have a look around!

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Crafty Counsel exists to help in house lawyers Stay Sharp.

Learning and Development was spoon fed and easy in law firm life. All that changed when I moved in house. Suddenly, professional development was my responsibility alone. I quickly realized that my time and resources were limited and, when I could find time to attend training, I was being really reactive to whatever I happened to be invited to by external firms. The quality was patchy, as was the relevance to my job.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Crafty Counsel is the In House Counsel’s “secret weapon” - bite sized videos with snappy, relevant content from the best in the legal profession. We’re the only such platform really designed from scratch for In House Counsel.

We also have a one stop shop of curated seminars and networking events from leading law firms and other great organisations.

We always want to learn how we can better help you - so please get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

Also, we’re always looking for like minded law firms and other organisations to make videos with us and do other innovative things together - if you are interested in working with us on the digital revolution for in house counsel, please contact us either via the “Contact” link or ben@craftycounsel.org.

Ben White - Founder, Crafty Counsel